Background History

A.V.I.L.A VICTORY BOXING, Inc is located in Greenfield, California the heart of the Salinas Valley. AVB formally became an organization in January 2021 and a 501(c)(3) in September 2021. However, prior to establishing the organization AVB was already a program operating out of a small garage for roughly 4 years.

The southern region of Monterey County (SMC) has statistically been an under-resourced area consisting of farm-working, low-income, immigrant communities of Hispanic descent. Studies have shown that socioeconomic disadvantages and lack of recreational programs may entice more at-risk youth, resulting in poor social relationships and poor participation in programs that provide a sense of belonging, discipline, and healthy relationships. Therefore, AVB’s mission is to provide a space to nurture these critical character development skills.

The founder of AVB has borne witness to these struggles as a Greenfield native who has endured challenges caused by a lack of resources, including community engagement, educational/training programs, mentoring programs in schools/communities, etc. Growing up in South County, he is familiar with the negative stereotype associated with his community, mainly gang violence and poverty. However, AVB was created in hopes of changing this. Instead, creating a positive narrative of South County and providing resources contributing to support the community he grew up in and belongs to.