Boxing Program Benefits

Program Benefits

WITH Rigo avila

Head Coach

AVB’s overall mission is to help children and youth meet their full potential by receiving quality 1:1 coaching, an opportunity for growth, and build meaningful peer relationships with individuals with the same goals and interests.

The establishment of AVB has served as an outlet for youth of SMC to have a healthy coping mechanism that serves as a tool for character development, community engagement, and physical activity. In addition, AVB offers a place for participants to develop meaningful peer relationships and give them a sense of community belonging. Many of the current participants AVB serves come from a variety of family structures, including but not limited to single parent families, blended families, etc. AVB strives to create an environment where everyone feels like a true family with structure, support, and safety to guide its members away from violence, crime and risky behaviors.

AVB Skills Development

The A.V.I.L.A Victory Boxing program is a year-round program that provides children and youth an opportunity to develop new skills through the art of boxing and coaching. Participants will be able to set personal goals, build confidence, learn self-defense techniques, respect, and engage in healthy relationships. One of the most important lessons children and youth may learn from boxing is discipline.

Mental and Physical Wellness

Participants will learn to overcome challenges that strengthen their character. They learn to respect the time and follow the rules. Boxing changes behavior for the better and improves their mental focus. Through this program participants sharpen their problem-solving skills. Participants will also learn about health and fitness. By means of psychoeducation participants will learn the importance of a healthy diet that can improve their overall health and performance. The application and constant engagement these exercises will allow participants to enhance a healthy life-style and actively take part in character development and resiliency.