Roger Diaz

AVB Youth

“My coach, his thing is that he actually cares about you. He cares about every single one here. He teaches you how to box and other things about life you can apply anywhere.”

Adan Hernandez

AVB Youth

“This program gave me strength. During COVID I suffered from anxiety and depression. Boxing helped me a lot.”

Randy Villalobos

AVB Youth

“AVB is more than a boxing gym, it’s more like a family. It can show you a lot of things, like discipline, confidence and mental toughness.”

Emilie Hernandez

AVB Youth

“What I learned from this program is to never give up and always try your best. I like to come here; everyone is very nice and very helpful.”

Peter Perez

AVB Youth

“I took a chance on boxing and since then my whole life has changed.”

Jaylene Estrada

AVB Young Warrior

“I have a lot of friends here. On my first day I was really shy. I like boxing, that’s kind of my favorite sport. I like exercising that’s what brought me to this program.”